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Farm Land in Kandukur


Sandal Wood – The Wooden Gold

Sandal wood farming has been compared to Gold Mining in the Current times.The government of india has supported this resource by lifting the ban on Sandalwood cultivation since 2008 since the demand for Sandalwood exists both on a national and international level.

It is a well known fact that lndia is only one among six other countries that has the favourable conditions to grow this unique tree and histoncally we were one of the largest suppliers to the rest of the world to meet the demands of various industries like.

  • Attar Industry.
  • Perfumery.
  • Soaps and toietries.
  • Pharmaceut1ca apphcat1ons & Etc…

Why Sandal Valley?

Our latest venture is situated at Kandukur in Debbadaguda and is a Farming Project.Sandalwood Valley is the investment opportunity that you have been waiting for as it looks to provide an approximate 49% ROI p.a. over a 12 year period. This is one investment where Myron Homes will help take care of your Sandalwood Trees and provide 60% benefit to the customer with no strings attached.Each plot area is 605 sq.yds equipped with 50 sandal trees; along with multiple fruit bearing trees such as Manga, Guava, Amla, Pomegranate, Sapota (Chikoo)etc.The area will have drip irrigation system and will be nurtured to perfection by our plantation experts.The area will be under constant systematic crop management which will result in healthy sandalwood trees and lso have a 24/7 security system to guard your precious investment Post the 12 year period each tree is expected to yield almost 30 Kilograms of sandalwood. we will take care of marketing and sales of the produce and the returns will be divide between the customer and us at a ratio of 60:40.The complete produce from the multiple fruits will be handed over to the customer as and when trees bear fruit.Such opportunities come once in a lifetime, which have a unique combination of growth, high returns, location and complete 100% satisfaction.Our customer advisers will help you understand the entire process to ensure that your money grows in a safe secure environment.

Project Highlights

  • 20Kms drive to Outer ring Road(Exit16)
  • Zero Pollution Environment
  • Landscaping of Open Area
  • water Harvesting pits
  • Drip Irrigation System
  • 24/7 Security
  • Spot Registration
  • 400 M from the main highway
  • With in 5 Kms to Mucharla IT Park & Mucharla Pharma City
  • Boundary wall surrounding venture
  • 50 Sandalwood trees & 10 Multiple Fruit Bearing trees per 605 Square Yards in a plot.