Jubilee Hills, Hyderabad, Telangana

Vastu For Farmland or a Farm House!

Vastu For Farmland or a Farm House!

Myron Homes have given Vastu for Your Farmland!
  • Avoid the land with the road solely towards the south, whereas choosing a plot for agriculture or house.
  • It is extremely counseled to shop for the plot with the flat surface.
  • Provide slope of the plot towards the north-east.
  • Don’t get the land obtain the land with a slope towards the south or south-west. The leveling of a plot is suggested.
  • Buy the land during an sq. or rectangular form. The land extended towards the northeast is auspicious and brings prosperity to the owner. Extension in the other direction isn’t useful as per Vastu.
  • Grow additional Trees with right height either at the south or side.
  • Make outhouses within the south-west location of the land. exterior door, kitchen, bedrooms, front room and, conjointly bathrooms ought to be planned as per Vastu.
  • Make workers and labor quarters either within the west or south-east corner.
    Place an electrical panel or electrical device within the south-east corner of the property, to possess a hearth component within the right location. this can be believed to brings a decent harvest for the owner.
  • The animal ought to air the west or north-west direction of the farm.  prepare animals cage or block in such few way that they face north or east as soon as tied with the rope.  No animal must face south on the farm.
  • The Compound wall for the farm ought to be created in such some way that it’s a better & thicker wall on south & west direction than the east & north.
  • Do not obtain a plot with a hill or mountain towards the north or east direction.

Enhancing Plot:

  • Install the Brahma pyramid within the center of the plot.
  • Grow Tulsi and Amla within the Northeast corner of the location.
  • It is extremely useful to shop for a new farm connected to existing property towards the north or east.


  • Locate well, Bore and, conjointly a pool within the northeast direction. therefore you have got a Vastu element-water during a positive direction.
  • Avoid well (water body) within the south-west. it should lead to severe unhealthiness or death of the owner.
  • Avoid well at the south-east of the farm. it should lead to bankruptcy, theft and, conjointly losses.
  • Make water flow of channel in such some way that water moves from south to north direction.


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